West of England Education Centre

What Is Involved In An Assessment?

All West of England Education Centre assessments are designed to lead on to effective teaching programmes. They are suitable for people of all ages.

Some written reports will, however, also provide a definitive diagnosis (such as dyslexia) and/or additional information for parents, schools, Local Authorities (LAs), Examination Boards, Tribunals, Universities/Colleges etc. The additional time taken is reflected in the cost.

The following assessments are available to meet these different needs:

Educational Psychologist (EP) Assessment

Educational Psychologists specialise in providing more in-depth assessments using 'closed' tests, which are not available to teachers.

The Full Assessment is the most comprehensive and therefore the most expensive. It includes a more extensive profile of strengths and weaknesses, learning style, and indication of general ability, which can be provided as an IQ score, if appropriate.

Reading/spelling/numeracy ages/Standard Scores will also be given, as appropriate, to establish whether there is a discrepancy between general ability and current achievement.

The Educational Psychologist’s recommendations will also refer to suitable classroom strategies, if the person is at school/college/university.

The Educational Psychologist will provide a diagnosis of any learning difficulties/giftedness, if appropriate, which should be recognised by schools, Local Authorities, Universities, and other professionals.

The assessment involves:

  • The completion of a questionnaire on relevant background information.
  • A brief discussion with the Educational Psychologist before and after the assessment.
  • 2½-3 hours of activities on a 1:1 basis (incorporating short breaks as and when required).
  • A detailed confidential report with recommendations.
  • Discussion of intervention options available.

Other areas of concern (social, emotional, or behavioural)

If there are additional, more complex issues, you would like to discuss/explore, or if these are identified during one of the above assessments, further assessment can be arranged, at a set hourly rate.

Please use the booking form to arrange an appointment. Some appointments are available on Saturdays and during school holidays, as well as
Monday – Friday 10 am – 1 pm or 2 pm – 5 pm during term time.

If you require more information, please look at the Frequently Asked Questions section and, if necessary, telephone the Centre on 01769 572800 or email info@weps.co.uk should you have further inquiries.