West of England Education Centre

Specialist Dyslexia Teachers

Not all teachers are qualified to teach pupils/adults with dyslexia, not even if they have extensive special needs experience. Specialist Dyslexia Teachers undertake further specialist training such as RSA/OCR Diploma/Certificate, Dyslexia Institute Diploma and other University-Accredited Courses, which are nationally recognised. Therefore it is vitally important to ensure that any tutor you pick is suitably qualified to teach you/your child, otherwise their involvement could do more harm than good.

There are a limited number of suitably qualified specialist teachers available locally. Some may well be fully booked or have a waiting list. Some are prepared to teach during school hours in or out of school. Others teach evenings/weekends.

Make sure that any specialist teacher you approach:

  • Is suitably qualified with a Dyslexia teaching qualification
    (The Education Centre is happy to advise).
  • Regularly updates their knowledge with suitable courses.
  • Has references available.
  • Has Certificates confirming police checks.

When he/she is teaching, you should also endeavour
to check that the teacher:

  • Is prepared to follow the recommendations from any psychologist’s, Specialist Teacher’s, school reports etc that are available.
  • Follows measurable targets.
  • Uses a 'multi-sensory' approach. Examples include programmes such as Hickey, Alpha to Omega, Jolly Phonics, Phonographixs, Nessy etc.
  • Are able to deal with other issues such as attention/concentration, motor difficulties, self-esteem, study skills, personal organisation, as appropriate in order to meet the needs of the ‘whole person’.
  • Has computer software to reinforce what the child/student has learnt and to provide alternative forms of recording/study aids.
  • Ensures that the teaching is motivating and interesting, not boring.
  • Will liaise with the school as necessary.
  • Gives homework each week.
  • Checks at regular intervals to ensure that progress is being made and is able to provide evidence of progress.