West of England Education Centre

About Linda Falkner

Linda Falkner has extensive experience working with children and families as well as state and independent schools in the UK and an International school overseas.

Linda Falkner also has a PGCE teaching qualification, 6 years teaching experience in mainstream schools, a MA in Educational Psychology, a Post Graduate Diploma in Research and Professional Studies in Education and is currently completing her Doctorate in Educational Psychology (part-time).

From 2000 – 2007 Linda also provided OCR Level 5 – 7 specialist dyslexia teacher training courses, with specialist teacher colleagues, which enhanced her interest and expertise in understanding the ‘syndrome mix’ of Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, ASD/Asperger Syndrome and other conditions. More recently, she has incorporated ‘Sensory Intelligence’, ‘Sensory Processing Sensitivity’ and ‘Executive Functioning Difficulties’ into this mix, as they are often key contributory factors towards academic achievement/underachievement.

As Linda Falkner’s own extended family has a history of educational underachievement and some labels from the ‘syndrome mix’, she has both a personal interest and a passion to keep abreast of developments in the field, and to make this information more readily accessible to all. This included participation in a Sensory Intelligence Practitioners Course in South Africa in March 2015; training in the interpretation of Sensory Intelligence e-profiles and in-depth research into ‘Sensory Processing Sensitivity’ (see www.hsperson.com), which affects 15 - 20% of the population.

Key aims of the Education Centre are to facilitate increased understanding and acceptance of ‘neuro-diversity’ in conjunction with providing very practical, ‘self-help’ strategies, to enable young people, their families and school staff to move forward, despite a current climate of austerity.