West of England Education Centre

30 Minute Online or Telephone Consultations

The aims of the 30 minute consultations are two-fold:

  1. To provide a service for clients who are unable to travel to the Centre; who are concerned about the time spent waiting for an appointment and/or the cost of a full assessment (which may not be necessary), and
  2. To provide a more effective service.

Whilst 'one off' full assessments are often unavoidable, particularly if school/college/university requires a written report, so much has to be 'packed in' to a single half-day session. This can be overwhelming for some clients particularly as educational underachievement is often a complicated matter. The opportunity to explore issues over time; to think about what is said; to discuss these thoughts with family, friends and others (such as teachers/lecturers) and possibly Linda Falkner again, can assist deeper understanding, and be extremely beneficial.

Should it be agreed, after a first 30 minute consultation, that a full face-to-face assessment is advisable, the cost of that consultation would be deducted from the full assessment fee (provided the full assessment is conducted, within 12 months, by Linda Falkner).

Some families may, however, find that several 30 minute consultations, spread out over an extended period of time, are sufficient to achieve the positive changes they seek.

Some clients who wish to book a full assessment with report, but also have pressing concerns, might like to take advantage of the 30 minute consultation, which can normally be arranged more quickly, in advance of the assessment date, particularly as there is no additional cost to the family. This is because the cost (see our pricing page) is then taken off the full assessment fee. The added advantage is that progress/barriers to progress, in the time between consultation and assessment (possibly 3 – 6 weeks), can be discussed in more depth.